The Institute of Public Utilities supports informed, effective, and efficient regulation of the electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, and water industries.

We fulfill our mission by providing to the regulatory policy community integrative and interdisciplinary educational programs and applied research on the institutions, theory, and practice of modern utility regulation.

Institute of Public Utilities

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Michigan State University Scholars

Adavnced Regulatory Program

    Utilities Policy is the peer-reviewed journal for researchers, utility company professionals, financial analysts, and industry consultants. It publishes original research papers, review papers, viewpoints, as well as book reviews, about the entire range of utilities including coal, electricity, gas, oil, telecommunications, urban transport, water, waste, and renewable forms of energy.
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  • CCRE Programs Calendar 2015
  • Eastern NARUC Utility Rate School

    October 27-31, 2014| Sand Key |Clearwater Beach, FL
    Hands-on rate-case training sponsored by the NARUC Committee on Water.
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    Michigan Forum on Economic Regulatory Policy

    January 30, 2015| Kellogg Center | East Lansing, MI
    A one-day seminar for policymakers and stakeholders focusing on Michigan regulatory issues in telecommunications and energy within the changing national context.
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    2015 Grid School

    March 9-12, 2015| Oak Brook, IL
    An objective and rigorous overview of electricity grid for the regulatory policy community focusing on technical, economic, and policy issues and taught by knowledgeable academic faculty and technical experts.
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    Western NARUC Utility Rate School

    May 11-15, 2015| Coronado Island |San Diego, CA
    Hands-on rate-case training sponsored by the NARUC Committee on Water.
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    Annual Regulatory Studies Program: "Camp NARUC"

    The Fundamentals Course: August 10-14, 2015 | Kellogg Center | East Lansing, MI
    The Intermediate Course: August 17-21, 2015 | Kellogg Center | East Lansing, MI
    Our flagship event, the Annual Regulatory Studies Program, known as "Camp NARUC," is grounded in sound regulatory theory and accepted practices and incorporates a reasoned approach to contemporary structural and regulatory change. Open only to the public and nonprofit sectors. Join us for one week or two - and "Come Back to Camp" for continuing education!
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    Introduction to Regulation

    October 4, 2015 | Kellogg Center | East Lansing, MI
    A special one-day workshop on the theory, principles, concepts and institutions of public utility regulation. The workshop is designed to provide an overview to participants who are relatively new to the regulatory policy arena.
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    Advanced Regulatory Studies Program:
    Ratemaking, Accounting, Finance, and Economics

    October 5-8, 2015 | Kellogg Center | East Lansing, MI
    Intensive workshops for regulatory professionals, with an emphasis on analytical skills; open to everyone (government, non-profit, and private sectors).
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