2015 Advanced Regulatory Studies Program:
Ratemaking, Accounting, Finance, and Economics




    The Advanced Program is open to everyone in the regulatory policy community:

  • Staff members of state public utility commissions and environmental agencies
  • Public utility consumer and environmental advocates
  • Utility company personnel, analysts, and investors
  • Attorneys, accountants, engineers, consultants and other professionals.
  • Regulatory commissioners, members of oversight boards, and other public officials

Program description. The IPU Advanced Regulatory Studies Program is a series of specialized half-day and all-day workshops designed to provide public-sector and private-sector professionals in the regulatory policy community with a unique opportunity to interact and exchange ideas on technical, methodological, and policy issues. Each workshop provides an intensive, immersive and peer-based learning experience, emphasizing discipline-based analytical methods and theoretical rigor coupled with practical hands-on problems and exercises. The program faculty includes nationally known experts who draw from both academic and applied perspectives. The Advanced Program reflects our commitment to providing a reasoned and empirical approach to contemporary regulatory issues. The program offers flexible tracks focusing on ratemaking, accounting, finance, and economics. Half-day sessions allow participants to fully customize the program to their interests. IPU also offers “Introduction to Public Utility Regulation” on the Sunday preceding the program.

Who should attend. The program is open to everyone and is designed for experienced professionals in the regulatory policy community, including federal and state personnel, consumer advocates, and private-sector professionals. Generalists and specialists in the utility sectors will benefit from attending. Past attendees of IPU programs – including the Annual Regulatory Studies Program (“Camp”) and the NARUC Utility Rate School – will find that the workshops offer a unique professional development experience. IPU will also arrange continuing education credits for accountants and attorneys as requested. The Advanced Program provides not only a great learning environment, but also a great forum for exchanging ideas and networking with professional peers.

Where.The IPU Advanced Program will be held at the Kellogg Center on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.

The regular program takes place Monday through Friday noon, with special orientation sessions on Sunday. Contact the Kellogg Center for information at 517.432.4000, or www.kelloggcenter.com. The dress code for the program is campus casual.

Registration. IPU offers flexible registration options.

The Sunday preceding the program features the short courses “Introduction to Public Utility Regulation”. For more information please visit http://ipu.msu.edu/introtoregulation